(The Back Story)

DEPTH is an extremely old Moon orbiting Orion in the New Solar System. It is said that the Ancients used to practice the separation of Soul (Khu) from Body (Kha) at the massive temple which used to stand here.

(What Is "Separation"?)

This is a peaceful exercise completed through extreme and chemically-induced meditation. It is theorized that the Ancients used this specific Moon due to a mineral located within many of the Rocks that exhibit a neural enhancement effect allowing for deeper concentration.

(WTF Happened?)

It is said that the temple was obliterated in the only failed attempt of Separation through an ionic burst of energy. It is believed that this Moon was named after this individual.

(Any Updates?) Since that event this moon has remained mostly untouched and the stone that made up the Temple still remains.

No other evidence or additional information has been discovered.

(Drones will continue to scan nearby areas and moons and we will update everyone if Scanners find anything.)

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