This is the official Wiki for Guardians of ORION which is available for all.

We are open to any sort of helpful contributions towards the gameplay mechanics or lore of GoO.


This is the Official Guardians of ORION Wiki, enjoy your stay and make sure to read the rules below before posting.

Guardians of ORION is a Sci-Fi Shooter featuring Dinosaurs and Robots and it's focused on Accessibility, Over-The-Top Gameplay, Power Ups, Local & Online Co-Op, Social Hubs, Destruction and more! ORION is the successor to the multi-platinum indie hit: ORION: Prelude.

Guardians of ORION is ever expanding and module based, and can be described as a Multi-POV "MMO" Shooter with RPG elements that is continuously being improved and new content added regularly.


Wiki Pages are user editable community pages, and written by fans not developers. The authors listed on this page and names shown in the edit history are not affiliated with the developers of Guardians of ORION.

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These are the official rules for Guardians of ORION Wiki!

  • Talk About Orion -- This is the Orion wiki, we would appreciate if you talked about things Orion or akin to Orion.
  • No Profanity -- This is a profanity free zone where you may NOT use any sort of derogatory or offensive language or material.
  • Not a Work Publishing Service -- If you have assets that you made for the game such as models, music, textures etc. then email them to Trek Industries, or post them on the Orion or Steam forums rather than posting them here.
  • No Impersonations -- Don't attempt to act like you are someone that you're not. Examples: Creating Posts as a Trek Industries Member, Posting as another user etc.
  • No False Information -- Do not post information that is not true to gain attention or spread rumors.
  • All Community Related Stuff Belongs In The Forums -- In either Steam, Trek or Wiki forums, where you can post fan lores, alternate lores etc.

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Guardians of Orion (Official Trailer) Unreal Engine 4 Sci-Fi RPG04:24

Guardians of Orion (Official Trailer) Unreal Engine 4 Sci-Fi RPG

Guardians of Orion Sci-Fi MMORPG Steam (SpaceShips, Dinosaurs & Robots)03:13

Guardians of Orion Sci-Fi MMORPG Steam (SpaceShips, Dinosaurs & Robots)

The Orion Project - Your Future Explained10:24

The Orion Project - Your Future Explained

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