These are the official rules for ‎Guardians of ORION Wiki!

  1. No Sh*tposting -- No random postings that have nothing to do with the game or don't have a serious incentive behind them.
  2. No Profanity -- This is a profanity free zone where you may NOT use any sort of derogative or offensive language that will result in your post being removed.
  3. No Lore Addons -- You may not post your own lore-related things to things to the Wiki, we have an official lore that is constantly being officially being added on to and we don't need more sub-lores confusing people. You may post new OFFICIAL lore findings, but make sure that you state that it has to do with the official GoO lore.
  4. No Requests -- This is not a place to whine about things that you want in the game, end of story.
  5. No Trolls -- Anyone who comes to this Wiki to troll and make other's feel bad should just go somewhere else.
  6. Not a Work Publishing Service -- If you have assets that you made for the game such as models, music, textures etc. then email them to Trek Industries, or post them on the Orion or Steam forums rather than posting them here.
  7. No Impersonations -- Don't attempt to act like you are someone that you're not. Examples: Creating Posts as a Trek Industries Member, Posting as another user etc.
  8. No False Information -- (Goes With Number 5) Don't try to post information that isn't true to gain attention or spread rumors. *This is subject to change*