ION is an energy source, which can be extracted by a Harvester, and also used as a form of Currency.

Ion has a multitude of industrial purposes and allows for highly advanced technological abilities.

Ion Crystals provide an unlimited form of renewable energy. Each Ion crystal holds the strength of an entire star within. Not long after discovery, a preservation policy was put forth on all Ion crystals, but everyone had their own idea on what they could do with Ion. Two main factions were formed as a result of this: 'Purple Reign' and 'Black Legion'

The ION Rush had begun. Also known as, the "Wild West" of Orion.

Ion can be collected as Loot drops from Enemies as well as earned from playing and winning matches.

Various forms of Ion: Edit

Ion Chunk 2,000 ION
Ion Cluster 20,000 ION
Ion Credits (varying)
Ion crystals
Ion Crystals (n/a)