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ORION (15 Regions, Open World)

1. Relic (Grasslands Region)

2. Haven (Grasslands Region)

3. Strike (Grasslands Region)

4. Arid (Dessert Region)

5. Slopes (Desert Region)

6. Outback (Rock Region)

7. Nanko (Rock Region)

8. Ember (Deadlands Region)

9. TBD (Deadlands Region)

10. Summit (Arctic Region)

11. Whiteout (Arctic Region)

12. Tropics (Jungle Region)

13. Grogg (Jungle Region)

14. TBD

15. TBD

NOVA (Ancient Moon)

1. Nova City (Marketplace) (Social) (PvP)

2. The Capital (Player Residences (Social) (PvP)

EDEN (Isle Moon)

1. The Citadel (Player Residences) (Social) (PvP)

2. The Isles (Social) (PvP)

DEPTH (Forest Moon)

1. Azrael's Temple (Social) (PvP)

2. The Great Forest (Creation) (Social) (PvP)


1. Orbital Command (Marketplace) (Social) (PvP)

2. The Salts (Creation) (Social) (PvP)

AGORA (Elemental Moon)

1. The Pools (Marketplace) (Social) (PvP)

2. Mineral (Social) (PvP)

GEODE (Rock Moon)

1. The Refinery (Social) (PvP)

2. The Complex (Social) (PvP)


1. TBD

2. TBD